CRIME AND COVER-UP: Diary of a Marked Woman


Diary of a Marked Woman

November 2003

Thursday the 6th So I have no one to talk to about all these events going on in the world or about anything else for that matter. I am in solitary, fairly sure that even my e-mail is being monitored because I have tried to make contact with several persons since last August and NOT ONE person answered. All I get in my in-box are newsletters. You have to look at the situation from my family's point of view: if you'd tried to kill your daughter/sister, you wouldn't want her to go around talking to people.

One thing I really miss discussing is my theory behind the US war in Afghanistan: it is that the real reason behind the overthrow of the Taliban was because they banned the growing of opium-producing poppies. Now that they'gone, heroin production has skyrocketed, causing grave concern in Central Asian states where it transits on the former Silk Route, in Russia, China, in Europe, in fact all over the world. When you learn how truly essential drug trafficking and money laundering are to the banking system worldwide, when you learn that the banks are as dependent on the drug money as addicts are on the drug, you can't help noticing how convenient it is for the bankers that the heroin-opponent government of the Taliban is gone from the world's number one heroin producing country.
Afghan drug lords set up heroin labs
World Bank chief issues opium alert

Next step, you need customers. Well, that shouldn't be too hard, with the millions and millions of newly poor, formerly middle class people traumatized by the loss of their jobs, homes, club memberships, vacations, retirement money, health insurance, all at the same time, I'll be damned if some of them don't take up the stuff. Not to mention all the fresh-faced college graduates who draw some sobering conclusions after a few months of job hunting. And what about those who DO have a job but must endure all kinds of stresses, compromises and humiliations just to keep their jobs? A huge market potential just in the Western middle class. So go ahead with globalization and outsourcing, that's what will keep the heroin consuming public growing.

Now how about the FBI attacking the pain-management doctors lately, calling their practices "pill-mills" ? Isn't the US government trying to terrorize the profession out of existence, thereby forcing the large pool of people who need opiates for pain management (45 million chronic pain sufferers in the US) into the arms of heroin dealers?
Pain Relief Network
Dr Hurwitz calls it quits

Since Afghanistan is so poor but so good at growing opium poppies, there should be a way for the pharmaceutical industry to legitimately buy its only cash crop. Why make synthetic opiates when natural opium is so plentiful? If governments were sincere in their desire to help Afghanistan, then they should arrange for all Afghanistan's opium crops to be bought and transformed into pain killers. After all, with all the war-maimed people in all the wars in the world, there must be an immense need for painkilling opiates.

Besides helping Afghanistan, buying Afghanistan's opium legally would curb drug trafficking, money-laundering and organized crime, three problems that governments claim they're trying hard to eradicate. Unfortunately, they seem to only pay lip service. That would be one more proof that banks are drug-money addicts.

Sat. the 22nd: In just ten days with two full days off to let things settle, and only a short, incomplete outline written seven years ago, I've written in 15,000 words the story of how I was set up to be gang raped at age 18: Black Ops for a Young Lady. I thought I had understood the whole conspiracy in my head but the act of writing it, filling in all the details that didn't seem important at the moment made me discover the participation of even more people than I thought. I haven't counted them all, but my estimate is that at least twenty people have taken an active, if minor, part in setting me up. In terms of penal responsibility, even the minor actors are fully responsible for the crime.

So I spent my birthday typing away, thinking how sorry mom must be that she forced me to learn typing thirty years ago.

In case anybody is wondering, I'm feeling great.

My brother Norbert (18 years younger than me) who lives on the 4th floor wrote me a letter where he seems to believe that I'm a total wreck, psychologically, consumed by hatred that "poisons everyone of my heartbeats, when the world around me is just and beautiful." Oh, yeah? It's awfully arrogant of my little bro to presume of my mental state, (my father was like this too), as if he could PENETRATE my mind against my will like the mind-rapist that he is. He goes on forever giving me philosophy lessons about being positive and warning me against "a chain reaction and a proliferation of consequences unconceivable to the human spirit". All that because I have put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door. The reason I did that is because WITH SUCH FRIENDS, YOU DON'T NEED ENEMIES.
I think the family is none too happy about my website either, but sorry folks, I don't owe you any more loyalty than you show toward me.

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